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Conference/ Groupmenu

Conference/ group menu

For businesses and conferences we propose often a 3-course menu based on fine local ingredients. Together with you, we design an exciting menu. Below are some examples:


* Exclusive salad with smoked pepper marinated seal meat. Captured next to the Greenland ice of a real ship from Alta, and produced for Seiland House. Fresh crisp salad, fine seal meat and a round good cranberries dressing. Serve with good bread and real butter.

* Everyone's favorite. This course shows reindeer meat excellence. Smoked with love and served with the North Norwegian potato. Local chives and Norwegian root vegetables makes heavenly court.

* Nature's power. Ptarmigan and reindeer stew with fresh vegetables and the best meat around. Serve with flatbread.


Main course


* God Fish. Halibut in white wine, butter sauce and vanilla cooked fresh vegetables. Pure pleasure.

* Monkfish. The bigmouth of the sea. Tail piece or fillet roast whole and served with long fried potatoes and asparagus. Mild mustard dressing.

* Reindeer Plum. Thigh noblest part. Bake quiet and tomato served with vegetables and mushrooms and a red wine sauce not precooked. Can also be served lightly smoked.

* Reindeer back. Juicy meat served with backbone. Pan fried fresh vegetables. Touched cranberries.




* Cloudberry cream with warm cloudberry soup recipe from an old merchant. Served with chrome cake.

* Blåbærmuosse with blueberry jelly and chocolate stripe. Antioxidants for one week.

* Milk chocolate without brûlée, but with fresh berries and fruits. Norwegian chocolate No. 1



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